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We are a one-stop-shop for all your Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable needs.  StockMe gives you peace of mind that you are ordering at the best price and best quality in the most efficient manner.

StockMe has been created for restaurant owners and other food retailers to easily order Fruit and Vegetables for their business.

We know there is great variation in product quality and price in the current Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable market and we know the difficulty in appraising those differences. StockMe allows those appraisals to be made much easier.

For so long retailers have had to rely on the word of their current supplier on the value of items and have found that to consistently compare product and supplier pricing is too time consuming.

Retailers can now instantly make their own direct comparisons on the quality and price of their purchase requirements from various suppliers.

Retailers do not have to waste valuable time contacting individual suppliers to make enquiries.

Retailers do not have to rely on the promotional words of their current supplier.

The suppliers who are on StockMe source their Fruit and Vegetables from local growers, you can be assured that the produce is fresh and is the quality you desire for your business.

We know you will love our website, as it is: But we are always seeking ways to improve, so it would be great to hear from you!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can reach us by using the contact form on the bottom of the page.

For a live demonstration one of our sales representatives can visit you and assist with any queries you may have.


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