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To use the StockMe service is completely free. Your credit card payment for your order is sent to your supplier.

This is where StockMe really holds its greatest value. There is no loyalty with Fruit and Vegetables. For years suppliers have had the upper hand only needing to gain the customer's trust with the first few transactions. It became common place for suppliers to exaggerate prices in the way of products being in low supply.

The StockMe system allows the customer to continuously be informed of current market prices.

StockMe only facilitates the transaction between a buyer and a supplier. If there are any issues or queries with your order please contact your supplier directly.

StockMe will send you a confirmation email with the details of your order.

Your supplier will send you an invoice also.

Your order will be delivered the next day. Most suppliers have a cut off time which means if you place an order after this time they will deliver it the following day.

Setting  a day further in the future is difficult with Fresh Fruit and Vegetables because of price volatility.


Some suppliers do charge a fee if the order is under their Minimum Order Requirement.

We understand that many businesses order the same items frequently which is why we have designed the Pantry feature.

Your Pantry allows you to list your frequently required products. From there you can simply add the particular products you wish to order along with the quantities you desire.

You can add products to your Pantry by clicking "Add to Pantry" next to each product.

To access your Pantry simply click Pantry in the drop down menu on the top right corner of each page.


Managing your products and prices are crucial to maintaining a healthy rating system, which encourages repeat business. We understand that time is often an issue when it comes to running a business which is why if at any time at all you are unable to make any changes to your prices or products feel free to contact Harry on 0431 580 838 with any changes you would like to be made.
Another great feature we have is allowing you to set a different pricing schedule for each customer. You can allocate special pricing for your customers by logging in to your account and selecting Set Product Rules. Choose the buyer you wish to add a pricing schedule for and upload their file.


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